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Pug Puppies: What Are the Reasons Not to Get One?

Pugs are very cute. One thing that makes this breed adorable is its stubbornness. If you are not prepared to face this kind of dog behavior, then a pug puppy may not be right for you.

Pugs have several negative character traits that you must know and there are also responsibilities that come along with owning a pug. Although small, pug puppies are not always the best choice when selecting a pet.

Below we will show you what it takes to own pugs. These information will help you make a wise decision and will also do this breed a big favor.


A lot of people think that this breed does not shed a lot because the coat is very short. Quite the contrary, pugs shed a lot and it can become a real nuisance if your home is carpeted.

This breed shed tons and tons of hair and you need to be prepared to have dog fur all over your house. Do you think you are ready to clean pug hair from your furniture, your car, your clothes, and everywhere else? If you cannot accept this fact, then do not get a pug.


Pugs are fairly healthy dogs. Perhaps the most notable disease you need to watch out for is encephalitis. This is a condition in which a part of the brain is inflamed.

This disease is believed to be unique to this breed but lately, other breeds have shown the same disease such as the Maltese, the York shire, and the Pekingese.

If you notice that your dog is having seizures, take it to the veterinarian right away. The seizures are normally observed during the first five years of the dog’s life.

Play Time

Pug puppies love to run and just like other dogs, running will keep them healthy. Although the general observation is that this breed are not really as good as large dogs when it comes to Frisbees, they certainly are willing to play fetch for things that they can fit in their mouth.

Kids will love playing with this dog because it has a very playful attitude.

If you will be away for an entire day or if you do not have the time to play with your pug puppies, you can buy exercise toys as an alternative to daily walks. These toys are designed to exercise your dog and will ensure that your dog gets adequate physical activities.


As mentioned earlier, a pug is stubborn. This means they are not easy to housetrain. Even if you get pug puppies at an early age, it is very difficult to have them house trained. It will take a lot of patience to get this training done.

Since this breed is small, it has a habit to hide behind the furniture and poop or pee. Another problem is its size. Since it is small, it also has a small bladder and it cannot hold its bladder in the same length of time as bigger dogs do.

If you do not have the time or the dedication to train this dog, do not get one or you will end up selling or giving it away.

Now that you know the potential problems or setback that you will encounter when getting a pug, think seriously if you still want to get one.

This breed is very adorable, as mentioned earlier, and it was even featured in a movie of Will Smith and Tom Jones (Men in Black). The pug in that movie was depicted as a real smart and cooperative dog.

In real life, though, it does not work that way. So think again.

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