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Pug Grooming Tips: the Three Essential Things to Do to Keep Your Pug in Shape

The pug is one of those little but adorable dogs and yet the grooming can be taxing. It can be a tiring ordeal if you are bent in giving the best treatment for your puppy.

It is a sad fact that many pug owners think that just because this breed does not have a heavy coat means the grooming is also not as essential. Quite on the contrary, bathing and brushing the coat is not even enough.

There needs to be more than the regular brushing because this small dog will be susceptible to health problems if not taken care of.

If this happens, not only will you risk your pet’s health but you will also be surprised at the amount your veterinarian will charge you. Pug grooming is something you need to think of as a preventive measure for future problems.

Do the Nails

The first pug grooming tip we can share to you is all about the nails. You need to trim your pet’s nails often. If the dog is living in an area in which the surface is made of cement, you will notice that the nails are often worn down.

This is unlike areas rich in soil in which the dogs just dig but do not do much damage on the nails. As far as trimming the nails are concerned, it is a good pug grooming habit to have this done every three or four weeks.

As early as 12 weeks of age, you need to be able to instill the routine of grooming the nails, naturally, pug puppies will show resistance because this is an unnatural practice. Be patient with the process and soon your pug puppies will cooperate.

Do the Face

Pug grooming also entails cleaning the ears and the face. While bathing, you need a soft and moist cloth to wipe the mucus and other dirt found in your dog’s face and eyes. A damp cotton ball will also be a good alternative.

You need to remove dirt from the face and the eyes to prevent health complication. Wipe the corners of the eyes in the same manner that you will clean yours. For the ears, you can use damp cotton swabs or Q-tips.

Use water to clean the inside of the ears and wipe away the mites. The ears are a great breeding ground for ear mites so be very keen, as much as possible, do not use any chemical or oil in the ears because these might irritate your dog.

If you observe that your dog has mites, consult a veterinarian right away and get a prescription for ear mites.

Do the Mouth

Lastly, brush your dog’s teeth. This is a very arduous process and patience is strongly required. It is always best to start this habit with a puppy. If you have a puppy, you can start this process by massaging its lips for a couple of weeks.

Next, massage its gums for another couple of weeks before finally moving on to the actual bushing. There are products made specifically for dogs for the purpose of tooth brushing.

Keep in mind not to use toothpaste and other dental products that are intended for humans because the chemical contents are too strong for dogs.

Now that you have read the three essential pug grooming tips, it is important that you consistently make the grooming session a habit, faltering in consistency will not develop a dog’s cooperation.

It would think that this is just something you wanted to do out of the blue. If you remain steadfast in your passion to keep your dog healthy, the dog will realize that this is something that needs to be completed whether it likes it or not.

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